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SCP: Dollhouse Reaction

OMG This Short Film was AMAZING! I wish we could get a Movie of SCP at this Quality that at least 1 hour long XD.
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Link to Original Video:
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16 thoughts on “SCP: Dollhouse Reaction

  1. Problem: Ghosts in house
    Normies: Call exorcist!!!

    SCP intellectuals: ah yes, it's probably some YAVA running on some machine; gotta go turn it off.

  2. This Channel is getting bigger by the day in no time at all will you be at 1,000,000 subs just don’t forget the first subscribers

  3. The thing that you missed at the end here is that the characters we think are dead have their names glitching out in the end credits.

  4. My bro there's two more good films made by the same channel. However it ain't live but was actually shot in GTA V . Btw noice video you got out there,keep it up!

  5. (typing these as i go along) i think reading the error code at 11:40 corrupted him (digested by the DOllhouse) which caused the glitching

  6. So far as im guessing this thing (THE DOLLHOUSE) is an scp that in of itself is a live being (like the in the moutain live action scp in the mountain with the hospital) The Dollhouse itself is a Living organism (idk what to call this so a theory)

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