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Teeth & Nail Tapping ASMR | SLEEP INDUCING | You WILL Fall Asleep ASMR

I hope I can help YOU fall Asleep tonight❤🥰

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I know that a mood can change day-by-day and not all ASMR can help everyone all the time so I’ll try my best to ensure there’s something to suit everyone on my channel. I care about each one of you and hope I can help to bring some light and relaxation into your world.

ASMR is not a medical treatment. ASMR is meant to induce tingles, relaxation, and sleep. Although it may make you feel better, it has not been proven to fix any mental health issues or conditions you may have. If you need help, PLEASE seek a professional. Here are a few links that can help you:

– Mental Health Information;
– Women’s Health;
– Suicide Prevention;

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24 thoughts on “Teeth & Nail Tapping ASMR | SLEEP INDUCING | You WILL Fall Asleep ASMR

  1. seeing and hearing your long nails would make me stay awake all night long just to not miss any sound of your nails and even see your real nails grow sooo beautiful…thank you so much Ginger

  2. Hey Ginger how's it going? Great video once again. This video really stood out to me. I actually felt your nails tapping into my brain. In a none painful way, obviously. Ouch that would hurt. 💅😖👍

  3. Please Please Please can you saying my name in you're vedeo (i love you ) Please 😘😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  4. Now this is a video I can really sink my teeth into. You really nailed it 😁 ok I've used up my daily allotment of puns , I'll return to my corner now lol

  5. Hi Ginger sorry for my Late Comment but you know gorgeous Video fanks for this hope your amazing Tight Latex Gloves come back you are so pretty in this video

  6. This was sooooo relaxing, almost hypnotizing 😪❤ i wish i could give it a thousand likes 😁
    Have a wonderful start of the week Ginger 😊

  7. Hi ginger ill watch you're video later when sleeping you're hair so pretty you look like model for vogue I'm English guy from England i hope you stay safe and happy everyday I think you have prettiest hair colour ever X

  8. Your nails are so pretty! Such terrific tapping today. Thank you for these calming tingles. Wishing you a beautiful week. See you again soon.

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