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Singapore Airlines A350 BUSINESS CLASS Review

Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Review.
Flying Singapore airlines business class A350 from Hong Kong to Singapore.
Singapore Airlines Business Class on the A350-900.
The Business class cabin on the A350 from Singapore Airlines is a wonderful experience and product, and worth it for the short flight.
The flight was simply wonderful for the four hours down to Singapore from Hong Kong, The food was excellent, the crew fantastic and i’m one of the rare few that really enjoys the Singapore Airlines Business Class Seats.
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Singapore airlines flight 861
Depart: Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive: Singapore (SIN)
STD: 3:45pm (ADP: 4:46pm)
STA: 7:45pm (ATA: 8:22pm)
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Reg: 9V-SMF
First Flight: 26th Sep 2016
Delivered to Airline: 15th Oct 2016
Seat: 16A
Flight Time: 3h 32M
Meal Service: Dinner
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36 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines A350 BUSINESS CLASS Review

  1. After my negative AA comments: I strongly believe the Singapore Airlines business class value is great!
    Generally, the overall Singapore experience is very positive for the price paid.

  2. Great Video mate Having never flown before can't say if that seat Is comfy I sleep on my Right side and switch to my left to gain heat hate being cold when asleep then go back to my right and occasionally lie on my front with my legs stretched behind me. Can't imagine I could do that with that seat. Probably can't do that on my return from Victoria and Vancouver as I'm in Economy.

  3. nice vid report James..thanks! I like SQ service as well as the F&B especially book the cook!.the only gripe I have is the seat itself. I just could not fall asleep on it..the angle body position does not help as well..

  4. Nice video, you appeared to truly enjoy your flight. I like your more "personal" approach to your audience on this video. I still appreciate when you use the subtitles though as I am hearing impaired and the different noises make it heard to make out what you say sometimes. Not sure why YouTube has CC on some video's I watch and not on others. Thank you again for sharing!!

  5. Another informative and enjoyable video. Thanks for showing the menu in a way that we can read without having to pause the video! No other vlog seems to do that! I have always loved SQ and the new regional configuration for Business Class seems adequate. I have seen complaints about it in other vlogs but it is intended for relatively short flights not long haul and seems to do the job. Please note that I had to re-subscribe today as YouTube deleted me! Just saw this problem for others on another channel. All is well now but wanted to inform you about that. As always, keep up your outstanding programs and Happy Travels!

  6. Glad to see the use of real china plates to serve food n not some sort of cheap oven dish that look like an oversized portion meal from Economy – YES I AM TALKING ABOUT CATHAY PACIFIC HERE, take note Rupert!

  7. well the BRAVO goes to you!!! A report with a lot of infomaterial. Just cant get over that SQ does not offer a frist class cabin on this Aircraft…..had the Chance to fly on their A 380 in First what a sublime Service from Frankfurt to JFK. With German speaking cabin Crew….all the best for you

  8. HI pal nice vlog .People who complain r people who moan about anything and everything .They should try economy long haul with no nice lounges to kill time and freshen up .Would love to travel in luxury just once .Nick ashall commenting here

  9. Top offerings from Singapore Airlines as usual. I don't like those seats as I feel so exposed to the isle. I would prefer to be against the wall of the aircraft with all the storage space isle side. Great comprehensive report as always.

  10. These are the longer haul seats, not regional biz class which is also installed on SIA a350 and 787-10 planes. There is a noticeable difference.

  11. Agrée with you, I love these seats. Much better than Emirates for example. I know some people find the bed a bit of a faff but I can live with that! We flew the B777 last year from Frankfurt and this year we will fly the A350 from Munich. Then get to try the B787 when we fly on to Bali.

  12. The A350 really is taking the widebody long-range market by storm. The main reason there are so few orders for the B777-8 and 9, which is supposed to come out this year.

  13. Good evening my friend

    A nice video and review of Singapore Airways, you can't go wrong with this airline. However you forgot the rules of the sky!!! Let the cabin crew make your bed, they get offended easily you know.
    Good to see you got a new hair stylist too LOL
    Looking forward to your next review.
    Kind regards

  14. Thanks for the redux of this report, James. A silly thing to comment on, maybe, but I really like the glassware they use onboard: looks modern, stylish and stable (the last point is important!). Always enjoy your reports, and hope you enjoy your next flight. 👍

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