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Morning Yoga Challenge Week 6 Day 2 – Man Flow Yoga

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8 thoughts on “Morning Yoga Challenge Week 6 Day 2 – Man Flow Yoga

  1. Was traveling yesterday so had to do this one on my own…just getting to comment. Sunlight totally varies for me depending where I am and time of year. In winter in Detroit, we have days in a row with out sun. Rest of year, I try to get as much as I can. I apply sunscreen every day. Weekends I get more, especially when out on my bicycle for long rides. BTW, Palms facing up definitely adds a challenge, especially on my right side.

  2. In my home country in the summer temperatures reach above 50 degrees Celsius .. So a lot of exposure is not good at all .. But I get exposed to the sun a day and a good time .. morning and afternoon up to 15 minutes and sometimes a little more ..

  3. I take sun mostly on the afternoon (sadly) but always wear biiiig hat and sunscreen. I love taking sunlight, I take sun from 40 min to 2 hours or so

  4. Does the second pose strengthen the frontal shoulder as well. I could feel the pulling(in a good way). I have an old shoulder injury so much shoulders tend to be very tight and painful.

  5. I spend a lot of time sitting inside, so I don't get as much sun as I'd like. I'm moving to a sunnier place soon though, so I'm hoping that can encourage some change in habits

  6. The glitches were entertaining. "You just need to make a plan; make it manageable; A3 is so the B team so yeah – so we're gonna go feet about B team so yeah"
    I used to pay good money for remixed records that sounded similar.

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