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I Tried The Nixit Menstrual Cup *In Depth Review* | ItsJustKelli

This video is for menstrual education purposes only. I do show real blood. If you’d prefer not to see blood you can skip to the end using the link below. If you find/have found my menstrual videos helpful, I would love it if you’d support this channel! Any donation small or big helps me to bring new content to this channel!
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Hi! My name is Kelli and I am a lifestyle vlogger who shares basically everything about her life. I have enjoyed being on YouTube and building the strong supportive community that I have, and I would love for you to join! So if you like ridiculousness, beauty products, kids, my dog, fitness, sometimes laziness, and just plain ol’ normal real people, hit that subscribe button and join my YouTube family, I’d be happy to have you 🙂 Check out below if you’d like to see how to find me in more places too!

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48 thoughts on “I Tried The Nixit Menstrual Cup *In Depth Review* | ItsJustKelli

  1. Kelly, get us the contact of someone at youtube to bombard about your menstrual videos getting flagged and demonetized! They need to do better. I sent a gift on the femmy cycle video as well last month. Thank you so much for doing these videos and being very real about the experience as well. I can't imagine how many women and girls you're helping all over the world.

  2. Thank you for this video and your honesty. Refreshing and much appreciated. Just what I was looking for! Which is your overall favourite device after trying this?

  3. I watched a bunch of cup/disc reviews when I was contemplating switching from pads & tampons. That's how I came across your videos and I've never looked for other reviews again. Yours are so honest and real. I love them! So far I've tried the Diva Cup and Soft Discs. I too have endometriosis & severely heavy bleeding/ clots. I ruin chairs, beds & clothes. For sleeping I had to roll up a hand towel & use that between my legs along with an overnight size pad just to get some sleep without having blood shoot up my back when I changed positions. Your reviews gave me the confidence to try these products! They have changed my life! My Diva cup works amazing, but its definitely firm & causes pain when removing (and not from suction). I want the Soft Discs to work for me but they just don't. They're so rigid & won't stay behind my pelvic bone. After seeing this review, I'm going to try the Nixit!

  4. I really wanted this cup to work for me. But I couldn't get the cup to stay inside. I will stick to my Diva Cup and Salt Cup.

  5. I'm an exotic dancer and it's frustrating to wear a cup because it sticks out lol. At the wrong angle that can be embarrassing to have someone see that…or a tampon string. But if you can still dance on a period we do. I'm actually excited to see this. No pull tab to stick out, no tampon string.
    I'm gonna try this bad boy. It looks like it coversore area space at the opening so you don't get any leaking

  6. 🦄Haters…just dont look… idiots! Leave other people alone. Your videos are soooo helpful to me… My first set of cups arrived today (I studied about this for I am ready)I am excited this is healthier, saves money 💰, and the enviornment..
    Thank you 🌈

  7. New subscriber!!!! I love your videos, and your honesty, My teenage daughter and I have watched the diva cup video, and it was very helpful…

  8. Your hair looks particularly beautiful in this video. Thank you for doing this important work despite the squeamish patriarchy demonetizing you 🙄

  9. I'm so glad that I found your channel! I tried using the softdisc back when it was softcup, and they did have one that you could reuse for an entire cycle before tossing it. However, the stiff rim caused so much cramping. I though about trying flex, but I really would prefer one that is reusable over multiple cycles and does not sit in the vaginal canal. I was torn between the nixit and the ziggy, watched both of your reviews, and just ordered my nixit. Thank you!!

  10. thank you so much for this video. I was so scared that I couldn't use these cups but you provided all the information I needed.

  11. You should definitely be getting paid for these reviews, free product is great but your time is worth more than that! Start charging at least $200 for a review, with your views you should be able to get that and more.

  12. I screamed!!!!!! I just got into the menstrual disc and LOVE THEM SO MUCH! So to see this item that’s reusable, I must buy it!!!

  13. Just looking at how floppy it is, I can see how you'd be worried about its durability. I heard you should be able to have sex with this. Is it really that durable? I've used Softcups from CVS for years now, and since the "bag" just kind of hangs there, it can definitely be inverted during intercourse. Since this retains its shape, would my partner be able to feel it more? Or is it so flexible and soft that it makes intercourse more comfortable? Thanks

  14. Unbelievable that people are flagging you. WTF. Put water with red dye in a menstrual cup, and put real period blood in a Clear glass. Who can tell the difference???? Maybe if we stopped calling it period blood and start calling it magical unicorn blood, because women are special unicorns. 💖💖💖

  15. HELP! I just got my nixit and I’ve been using the softcups and loved those, but I am struggling to get the nixit up in there! Lol what can I do to insert it easier?

  16. You know I don't understand why any woman would have any problem with anything thatyou do on these videos! I mean we're all women, we all have periods. We all want to know about these products. Having ones period is nothing to be grossed out by. I actually like the fact that you show that blood, it gives me a better idea of how it works. And how it should and shouldn't be used. I remember using a menstrual cup for the first time, it was a nightmare! Thankfully I had a great friend that helped show me what I was doing wrong. BTW I've recently been trying the washable pads and WOW! They work great and have helped so much with my period pain I used to get with tampons and the leaks I got with both desposable pads and tampons. Not one leak so far.

  17. 17:21…. The TRUE face of what a woman on her period looks like. Chocolate cookies, lounging, sweats and not giving a shit. I’d like to see more lounge moments in your videos. I’d like to know I’m not the only “lazy”, fatigued, cold, achy, zombie woman out there. 😂 That was such a cute moment. Your hubby should get you sleeping or relaxing and tell us that’s what cycles do to us and it’s ok. I think he’s such a hero because of how helpful and open he is about this. Y’all are so PERFECT together! Love you, Kelli!

  18. I know the steps say to put it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Is that supposed to be for every time you take it out or after every period? Probably a dumb question but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't every time you took it out.

  19. Why would anyone flag you if theres like a million warnings and a skip option?? I personally like to see all of the gory details to help me with my own decisions but people have the option to avoid it.

  20. You are honestly such an inspiration Kelli. Your videos have helped me so much and you are a fantastic person. I hope you and your family are doing well 😊❤

  21. I absolutely love Softcups but they aren’t reusable so I got a diva cup. I need a new size because I got the small size 5 years ago but I’ve since had a baby and need a different size so I may just give Nixit a try! I do wish they came in the same colors as the boxes though.

  22. hi! cool vid! loving the freedom and no fucks given about the blood^^
    how do u think it would work with a low cervix? my lunette cup was like halfway out most of the time so im a pad girl looking for options

  23. What you do is so great. You only get to learn with the REAL stuff. And within the period, it means blood and body fluids. It's their problem if they get molested. Thanks for this brave and great stuff.

  24. I love your videos. They are helpful and they destigmatize periods and periodblood. I understand, that it is important for you, that youtube doesn't punish you for the videos.
    Maybe you could show blood-free revies on youtube and post the parts with blood on your own website and put a link in your video. So your viewers and you could get the best of both worlds. There are for example sex ed youtubers who have similar concepts.

  25. I switched from the miserable life of tampons and pads, and one really heavy period, because of your videos. I have actually tried 5 different cups because of your reviews. And your reviews matched my thoughts almost exactly. I have also recommended your videos to dozens of my friends because I told them you did REAL reviews. Your channel LITERALLY changed my life, and I just want to thank you SO much. I wish I could tell you all the ways my life has gotten so much easier! And I'm saving a handful of money (minimum of $24-$40 PER month!). Yep, I will be buying you a cup of coffee 🤗. Please keep your Period Stuff & Endometriosis videos going with ALL the details!!!

  26. Demonetizing videos on women's health and feminine products- videos that have completely changed my period, my health, and thus my life and the lives of other women?…Hm…how's that for a blatant attack on women…society needs to grow the hell up.

  27. im on my husbands account lol but i just wanted to say that i really appreciate your videos. i like that youre realistic and its very helpful for me, and im sure many many other ladies. we all need help with something lol

  28. Thank you for the videos. I'm a RN and not grossed out at all. I do have some feedback though. Thinking about cleaning the cup when using a public restroom. Some restrooms have sinks in with the stall but for those that do not…again great videos 💕💕

  29. Love how you're just in your kitchen with your husband behind talking about periods. I wish everyone was as normal as this when it comes to it. It is the most common thing between women, yet it is so stigmatized still, it's a shame.

  30. I just ordered a Nixit after watching your video! I'm so excited to try. Wish I had started watching your videos years ago. Thank you for your honesty.

  31. Just wanted to let you know, I can't send anything now, but your videos have been life changing for me. I am now a cup user and life has become so much better for me, on top of that, several friends who have made the switch because of your videos since I shared your vids.

  32. I just found this channel omg thank youuu 😍😍 I love how in depth you are . If ppl don't want to see the blood just stop watching why flag the videos smh

  33. I wish I would have seen this before I bought the flex. I hope the flext works out ok for me because I paid $20 and shipping
    But I will be getting one of these.
    I think I would definitely like this better
    Thank you Kelli

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