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Farm Girl's crossbow review of in-line vertical Hickory Creek bow

Male and female hunters alike will love this product! Farm Girl and Exoman check out the Hickory Creek vertical crossbow. Farm Girl starts off by using the cocking device and then she cocks it by hand and puts some bolts into the target bag. This bow is awesome fun for target practice but is also and awesome hunting tool. Check out Hickory Creek for your archery supplies.
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45 thoughts on “Farm Girl's crossbow review of in-line vertical Hickory Creek bow

  1. Great video I love my hickory Creek vertical inline crossbow. One thing I noticed you guys were not using the cheek piece to cover the end of The arrowslides forward to protect you and keep the arrow from slipping off.
    Also it uses arrows not bolts.
    Jerry makes a great product and for a really good price!!!

  2. Just a joy to see you two in Love♥️ enjoying life. Jennifer is so upbeat and bubbly .. you both have such great personalities. Salt of the Earth folks . Thank you Exoman for sharing your adventures with Farmgirl..

  3. Perfect idea, love the new farm girl as a demonstrator , firearms would be limitless and I’m sure a very Lucrative opportunity for her, I can see endorsements flowing in already!!

  4. Farmgirl If you would put your left foot foward(towards your target) and shoot across your body, you would shoot much better. Just a tip.

  5. Hi Guys……please send us some videos about the impending hurricane for your area. We love the weather stuff. Great channel, I have followed you two for a long time. Thx

  6. Hey Exeter, does that model come equipped with the scope and is it a Bushnell or Tasco ?!? Secondly, what is the retail cost on that V-CB ?!? Many Thanks Yo !

  7. Put the butt higher on your shoulder so you are not breaking your neck to look through the scope. Similar to many rifles, the bottom of the butt goes to your collar bone so your neck is pretty straight.

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