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ASMR Nail Rubbing (No Talking)

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This is a trigger I hadn’t come across before, but it turned out to be quite fun to film! Nail rubbing sounds cool, especially really close to the microphone. Do you agree?

This video was requested by one of my amazing viewers. If you have a request for a future video, let me know in the comments. Just keep in mind that I get a lot of them, so the video you ask for will likely take a little while to make. Thanks in advance for your patience!


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4 thoughts on “ASMR Nail Rubbing (No Talking)

  1. Also I want to thank you for this very very video, I always liked nail rubbing asmr, today is my day of relaxation, you made my day, I'm very thankful, good tingles as always.

  2. Thanks for doing my request, you're the best, the blowings where amazingly like real wind, it's echoing in my ears like an ear-massage, thanks a lot, I'll wait some weeks to ask you a new request coz I know that you've many other requests to do, thank you for that ear-tingling video.

  3. Nail rubbing? Of course! Anything that has to do with hands, I love it. Your channel exuberates peace, love, sleepiness and relaxation.

  4. A great video! Could you make a hair brushing video and try some flipping your hair forward and brushing it too plus use of different brushes very soon?

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