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Safari in Sri Lanka HONEST Review | Yala & Udawalawe National Park | Sri Lanka on $1000

What is a Sri Lankan Safari really like? Are they worth the price? Today we review two national park safaris, Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park. Don’t worry, we show you the good, and the bad so you can see exactly what it’s like on safari here in Sri Lanka.
Yala is famous for leopards and Udawalawe is more geared towards people looking to escape the crowds and see more elephants.
Welcome to Episode Nine of Series Four of The Budgeteers!
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49 thoughts on “Safari in Sri Lanka HONEST Review | Yala & Udawalawe National Park | Sri Lanka on $1000

  1. Thank you for the honesty.I understand the excitement of seeing these beautiful animals but I also think that there should be a limit to number of cars to be let in the park.

  2. This feels exactly the same as the episode of you guys chasing down the blue whales which made me stop watching the channel for awhile. I want to ask the question – if you feel it’s ethically wrong and don’t feel good about it afterwards do you think that it’s right to keep doing these sorts of tours? I understand it’s a process of eductating viewers but personally I don’t enjoy it one bit and fast forward past it because I’m distressed by you guys partaking in it. Just a viewers opinion, your work is so beautiful I feel awful critiquing but I thought you might be interested in a different perspective. I love 99.9% just not the wildlife chasing. Big love 🙏🏻

  3. Thanks for the video. My honest opinion on Yala and the overcrowding situation. Its a catch 22 when it comes to the overcrowding. Most national parks, from Maasai Mara in Kenya to Ranthambore in India all are open parks which allow quite a number of visitors to the parks to come and enjoy the beauty of its wildlife. Now yala is the most popular national park in Sri Lanka, for many reasons, and the chances of having sightings of wildlife especially leopards being number 1. So being open to the public, many local and foreign vistors flock to the park to get their chances in seeing these elusive animals. Now at a sighting in this video its actually much less than when its full peak season where its insane. The issue is this. All visitors who come want to catch a glimpse of a leopard, and the drivers are pressured to show them. Now the problem is sightings are rare and only one or two sightings happen per day. This means of course there is a large crowd wanting to see these beautiful cats. Thing is if visitors feel the experience itself is somewhat bad as there are so many jeeps in line to watch, then the only solution is to limit the number of jeeps entering the park per day and jack up the price to match the potential revenue the park will get per person to make it a high end exclusive experience. This of course is ideal for wildlife as well as to promote high end tourism. but this would mean thousands of visitors are going to be left out, plus thousands of people left unemployed due to hotels, jeep services and guest houses having to close down. The sad reality is these protected habitats now need to bring in some worth monetary wise to justify its protection. Hence its a catch 22 situation.

  4. Most uncomfortable moment is traveling from kho rong in cambodia to the main land in a little wooden boat in very rough seas the boat was half sinking with guys throwing water buckets out and the boat was cracking on every rock, i loved the island and the boat ride there was amazing but damn the boat ride back

  5. So much trouble for seeing one leopard?Here in Mumbai,leopards visit schools,office complexes in broad daylight,you don't need to go to the jungle,you can find one resting or trying to eat your dog right where you live
    On serious note,yes,it is us humans who have invaded their space and they are reacting

  6. yes i accept we should not disturb the jeep drivers are completely wrong.but if you didn't see the leopard your comment would be different.

  7. It's incredible see that how you guys isnspire others on saving nature and to feel and live on the moments in the nature. love that and wishes to keep it up..

  8. There’s lots of people who finish the journey without any leopards..even full day trip some 2 days trips you guys are lucky.

  9. Very good video. Information is very useful. you can find more details from this

  10. Just watched your video in MEXICO from two years ago and we love what you guys are doing! When are you guys coming overs to South America. WE are doing what you guys are doing as well and we've done it through out COLOMBIA and we're heading to ECUADOR in a few days and we plan to do hitchhiking towards Quito. We hope that we can meet somewhere on this side of the world and travel and take videos together! Safe travels lads

  11. But at the same time if management were concerned about the park the cost for a safari will sky rocketed. So we won't be able to see it on the budgeteers. Sri Lanka just became the traveling hotspot and major flow of tourists are yet to come. I can't imagine what gonna be it look like on the peak of the season.

  12. Sri Lanka is high on my list of places to see and Yala was also on the list. However, after seeing this I for one definitely won't be going there, the whole ethos was a travesty and I feel that there should be tighter restrictions on access. You may as well go to the zoo as to get involved in that scrum.
    If I eventually get to Sri Lanka I think that I'll visit the smaller parks and would rather see nothing than being involved in that kind of tourism. Thanks for posting this as a warning.
    I made the mistake some time ago of going on an elephant ride in Thailand without knowing about the background to these rides. Now that I know more about it I am embarrassed that I ever did this.

  13. Good questions guys. Everyone will have a different opinion but for me personally, I do not like having expectations while traveling. I am perfectly ok with going to a country and not seeing the most iconic thing there but just being there, walking and traveling around and letting things come my way. It is not that I am a conscious traveler or anything, but rather a very lazy one… traveling for me is a stress-free experience… no appointments, no timing, no goal… so I am not willing to stress myself while traveling… not even to see a leopard. Having said that… I enjoyed seeing your shot of it. Beautiful creature. I find it truly sad though that we humans havent learnt to truly coexist with nature and we have had to create natural reserves for them to exist and for us to visit.

  14. Those yala Jeep drivers are crazy.. no respect for the animals or speed limits. They have killed leopards and other animals in the past. They are like mafia over charging and bullying tourists..tourist dollars are not everything.. we need lot more control and give lot more respect to these animals and parks..

  15. Hey Guys brilliant as always well done 👍 just my two cents regarding the Leopard sighting. I was a professional safari ranger in South Africa for 14 years and worked in lots of private game reserves, all of which were run very ethically and ensured that the animals well being was never compromised. Possibly Yala Park needs to be sent some feedback to ensure that the animals well being is maintained and the parks image in the public eye. We only ever had 3 safari jeeps in a sighting and we kept a safe and ethical distance from the animal being viewed as to not stress the animal in any way. Speed limit is a huge worry besides the dust I saw your driver leaving behind for other poor guest to eat it’s dangerous and reckless as well small birds, reptiles and animals are killed. I would love to see a wild Asian leopard after spending years tracking, photographing and viewing their African cousins however after seeing what you experience am a bit reticent now. Thanks again am pumped for Sri Lanka after your awesome series well done 😊🙏💪

  16. hahaha we had the same situation in Kruger Nationalpark. Leopard was in the bushes and nearly impossible to spot. Such a shame, would have loved to see them in action, such great animal. You lucky to spot one so well but yeah all the cars, it isnt a great feeling. We were also a bit disappointed with Kruger, and would probably always recommend a smaller less crowded park too. We will consider this on our next safari.

  17. Driving that fast is unethical in such a park! I wish the authorities see this n set a fine or something for those insane drivers.

  18. Sri lanka has 22 different national parks with varieties of dont judge the whole sri lankan safaries with just two national park😀.according to FORBES sri lanka is the best safari destination outside come visit us ppl:^)

  19. I realy hope they can do something about the islands amazing wildlife and stop the destruction and disturbances to them

  20. Yala has more than 200 leopards as in Yala Block 1 there is more than 1 leopard a kilometre. Sri Lanka has a total of 1000 leopards.

  21. Been saving the episode for Monday nights and loving it. That was a perfect episode showing two sides of the story. The animals are beautiful, but I agree its to many vehicles crowding them. Thank you for sharing the truth. Wish you three a gorgeous week and happy dreams as you rest your head.

  22. My uncomfortable moment was visiting a dolphinarium and killer whale show after the stark realisation they were captured and trained in such a way that I despised myself for paying to enter.
    Seeing some things change our perspective though!

  23. I love how you feel ethically strange about this experience. It is so true.. we desperately seek to see animals and often people forget animals need space.

    I'm glad you got to see a leopard. And your morals make me love this channel so much more.

  24. Wow, i climbed ella roch 2 days ago and went to udawalawe national park yesterday. Very strange and beautiful to see this right now 🙂

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