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[REVIEW] 2019 Nerf ICON Magstrike, Unboxing, Firing Test, Comparison & Review

This is my unboxing and review of the new 2019 Nerf ICON Magstrike Blaster. This blaster is a 2019 re-issue of the original 2007 Magstrike in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Nerf. In the United States, this blaster is $39.99 and only available at Target.
The Magstrike is the fastest firing stock Nerf blaster ever made shooting 10 darts in a single second. Uniquely, the blaster works on an air pressure system and requires a tank to be pumped to pressure achieve maximum velocity. The Magstrike achieves greater than 70fps in my chrono testing.
Compared to the 2007 version, the 2019 Magstrike seems to have a 10-15% faster firing rate, and also feature a modified magazine design from the original. The 2019 Magstrike WILL fire both magazine types, but the 2007 version WILL NOT fire a new 2019 Magstrike Magazine.
I will send a FREE MAGSTRIKE to a lucky fan, so long as the sub to my channel, like this video and leave a comment below. I appreciate you all!
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32 thoughts on “[REVIEW] 2019 Nerf ICON Magstrike, Unboxing, Firing Test, Comparison & Review

  1. Subbed and liked. Deadset, you're a top bloke, Jared! (that's Aussie for ”a stand up guy”!). Your enthusiasm for the hobby isn't fake or overdone like some of the flamin' gallahs on YT. You give factual information and don't shy away from saying your honest opinion. You often take Hasbro to task over shortcomings and mis-steps where nesscessary, as often as you praise them, which is very un-”shill”-like and you're not an obnoxiously rude drongo with your commentary either. It's clear you are a big fun kid at heart (and roughly about the same age as me I reckon!) and I'd wager you're a genuinely dedicated and caring family man too. It really shows. I've only gotten into Nerfing in the last 2 years (I had a strictly anti-gun upbringing, Nerf blasters included!) and I'm just getting to know characters like you, Drac, Coop, Xavier, etc… Then you go and say your channel is non-profit? Just for the lulz? Cool, consider me a fan! Though I don't think anyone would fault you if you did earn some $$$ for your efforts, I know life ain't cheap and it's not like you don't earn it! Anyway, sorry for the epic saga of a comment but I felt I should say Hi and thanks for your content.

    TL,DR; G'day mate! Cheers from Down Under for being a ”Fair Dinkum” (real deal) bloody legend!

    P.S. Yes, I'm totally overdoing the Aussie slang!

  2. The new Stampede ECS was the best automatic gun (In my opinion) I just bought it and besides the other automatic nerf guns I have, This one has a switch instead of a rev button, I personally love it and please suggest some other automatic nerf guns that have the switch feature! 😁

  3. With the 2007 version of the Magstrike, you can pump it about 5 or 6 times to shoot one or two darts at a time, And I like this because I can shoot all or one, and I don't use it in a nerf war but the gun is FUN!

  4. my icon magstrike broke the third day of using it, the part witha small release thing broke off if you can plz tell me how to fix that

  5. My friend has one of the classic Magstrikes in his house’s basement (blue externals, though), and after shooting it a few times the last time I visited him, I have to say it’s a really fun gun. Seeing that some people have even gone as far as to HPA-tap these is also interesting…
    Nice to see they’re making a comeback!

  6. Now… imagine taking a small electric tire pump and instaling it in place of normal pump and buying/3dprinting more clips

  7. I remember having a Hornet … was annoying to pump but hey, it was shooting all 6 at once and if you had the Scout alongside the Titan (Which I had too back then), it was a monster … maybe too much.

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