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Our First Nascar Race *Michigan International Speedway*| A Day In The Life Vlog

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32 thoughts on “Our First Nascar Race *Michigan International Speedway*| A Day In The Life Vlog

  1. There's a race track in Flat Rock MI which is way closer to Ohio, that i go to a couple times a summer, they're amateur racers but it's seriously so much fun! If you get a chance go to the school bus figure eight races!

  2. Hi I just found your videos and firstly- youre awesome! Secondly just wanted to know if youre still using the endovan and if you are, does it still work? If youre not, why not? If you get the time and youre up for it an update video would be awesome!!

  3. I have never been a huge NASCAR and I live in South Carolina, hard to believe, I know. But after seeing your video, I can say it has peaked my interests. You gave lots of useful hints. Thank you !

  4. Brings back SO many good memories of me and my late husband when we first started dating in the 90's. I like you was a teen mom and I had left my 2 yo daughter for the first time so he could take me on my very first "VACA" away from my daughter EVER and this is where we went!!! We had passes for the infield and stayed 3 days it was a BLAST. LOVE your vids and your fam your so down to earth and real!!

  5. I’m so glad you guys went!!! And that you made a video!! I was raised on nascar! My family always done a full day at the track. We took a cooler and went grocery shopping before the race, done lunch at the car and at the end of the race we hang out in the bleachers and just talk and hang out and let everyone else leave and then we would grill out at our cars after the race so we could just hang out while everyone else is in bumper to bumper traffic. By the time we finish eating after the race the traffic is gone and getting out is a breeze. Anyway, thanks for taking me down memory lane! My family always had a group of 20+ people in our group and we always made friends with all the fans around us, it was such a fun time. Glad you all had fun!!

  6. You bugged me out when you just peeled off the mask, I thought it was a clay mask that you rinse off lol. Even though you said you’re not buying sheet masks anymore I didn’t put two and two together. I really like the long vlogs but I’ll settle for whatever is doable for you 🙂

  7. Most of the tracks have pretty steep bankings. Talladega has a 2 story banking!!! If you thought you’re phone slid down at Michigan imagine what would have happened at Talladega. Haha! Glad y’all enjoyed your first race!!!

  8. You are my all time favorite YouTuber I love your vlogs, give me anything, I will watch you!! Lol Would you be interested in showing your meal ideas/prep/ recipes? I often make your cream cheese chicken chili and corn moussaka in the cooler months thanks to you 😁 Both are now family favorites. I get excited over the possibility of new recipes. Thanks for another great video. Love you!!!💜💜

  9. Where did you get that peeler?? I struggle with peeling potatoes because of carpel tunnel..that thingy looks like it would be easy;!

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