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NEVERMORE And The Maiden Spoke Reaction/Review

Original video:
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11 thoughts on “NEVERMORE And The Maiden Spoke Reaction/Review

  1. Good review ..

    Dane admits to questioning his aforementioned nihilism ..

    Enjoy my contribution to this song as well ..

  2. Warrel Dane wrote this song based on a supernatural experience he had at a friends farmhouse/guesthouse. He was having haunting dreams and heard chairs "moving downstairs" in the kitchen. When he went to check everything seemed fine, but when he returned to bed the haunting continued. He claims he experienced women speaking to him in his dreams; mostly random phrases that are articulated in the song. The place was known to be haunted prior to his stay and was owned by generations of women. The song was written mainly about his haunting experience. I would guess that the historical/slavery context was an added piece to enhance the story.

  3. If I remember correctly, it was the producer's idea (Peter Wichers) to shorten the songs on that whole album. There was definitively something off about the albums production. Weird delays and mixer/masterer Andy Sneap having to re-amp all the guitars. In my opinion the mix is fine on the actual CD, so it could be just bad YouTube compression. Then again I lived through the horrible Enemies of Reality original/re-mix production disaster* so my opinion might be a bit skewed.

    *Century Media cut Nevermore's production budget by half for the Enemies of Reality album as a confusing negotiation tactic to get them to re-sign, so they couldn't afford Andy Sneap to produce and had to hire a local Seattle producer Kelly Grey. The end result was so awful that after Nevermore re-signed with Century Media and fans complained about the sound quality, they re-released the album with a re-mix and a re-master by Andy Sneap.

  4. Nevermore is the most underrated band for its genre in my opinion. Warrel (R.I.P) is a lyrical genius and same can be said about Jeff Loomis on the lead. I listen to everything Jeff Loomis touches, including his close friend and equally impressive guitarist Keith Merrow. They are absolutely breath taking.

  5. Maybe, the author of lyrics is a really mischievous fellow and wanted people to go on a wild goose chase with that specific reference to 1617. 😀

  6. Warrel Dane was one of my favorite vocalists. RIP

    I have no idea about the lyrics but maybe she was a slave and now is a ghost

  7. I'm not pretty sure that it's about slavery. Not 100%. I have in mind this interview
    where Dane claims that this song talks about a hounted place/house in England – a ghost story.
    The interview is in France lang. Perhaps some other know more about to tell us. Here is the part of the interview:
    "Ju de Melon : (Rires) … Quelles ont été les chansons les plus compliquées à mettre en place au niveau de la composition et de l'enregistrement sur ce CD ? Y a t-il eu quelques débats à ce sujet ?

    Warrel Dane : "And the Maiden Spoke", la plus compliquée oui mais clairement ma préférée ! C'est une histoire de fantôme… Mais une histoire vraie ! Certains me disent ressentir une inspiration King Diamond mais ce n'est pas volontaire ici… Je te raconte d'où elle vient : nous étions en Angleterre, et il y avait une maison hantée dont l'histoire m'a été racontée par la mère et la copine du proprio. Il y avait le fantôme d'une femme qui avait vécu là il y a des centaines d'années… au fil des décénnies, des gens ont été témoins de bruits, de chaises qui bougent, etc… Et j'ai moi-même cru et vu tout ça, j'ai ressenti la présence de cette femme, j'ai une sorte de gros feeling avec le paranormal ! Et donc voilà… C'était effrayant, j'ai voulu dédicacer une chanson à cette étrange présence…"

  8. I think its just about a ghost actions. If you read or watch paranormal activity it has some of the tropes espicially moving chairs and running away, and stutered streams is talking about the voice device that help people talk to the paranormal.

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