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Making time for YOU is essential ~ Post-Yoga thoughts

I am talking to YOU who says you can’t because of ________, __________, Whatever it is that brings YOU JOY or helps you handle life in general, be it yoga or exercise, surfing or playing on a softball team, (those are all on my list by the way) MAKE TIME FOR IT. Please. Your mental health will improve. I am on my way to carving out more time for myself without feeling guilty for it.
Thanks for watching my videos!
If you want to try yoga, I love doing yoga with Adriene. She has a channel. YOGA WITH ADRIENE is the name. She is the Bob Ross of yoga. It’s all good and positive in her classes.


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16 thoughts on “Making time for YOU is essential ~ Post-Yoga thoughts

  1. Put yourself on timeout and enjoy life.
    I have mom and dad inlaw that need 24/7 care. Got some help but need to help the help. Oh well. Take a time out when you can. ✌️👍🤙🏽🏄🏻aloha

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