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I Lost Both My Feet To Frostbite | TRULY

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A HIGH-FLYING acrobat who lost her legs due to frostbite is teaching others to fly with her own circus school. Aerial silks performer Erin, 39, began an accessible training academy for mixed-ability students after losing both her lower legs to frostbite in 2014. After getting lost in the woods near her home in Kingston, Ontario, a police dog found her six days later in the freezing cold, unconscious and fighting for her life. Doctors were forced to amputate her damaged feet and part of her lower legs. The 39-year-old admits she lived with depression after the surgery.
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Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Dennis Porter
Producer: Gareth Shoulder, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ethan Edwards

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38 thoughts on “I Lost Both My Feet To Frostbite | TRULY

  1. She said in her blog she wasn't trying to comit suicide. It honestly sounds like she may have been on some drugs when she went out into the woods because she said she was in a very bizarre state of mind.

  2. Seems like that walk into the woods was more than they're making it out to be. It even says she battled with depression in her bio.

  3. I think she walked into the woods to die maybe by allowing herself to succumb to the weather or commit suicide. She says "I felt like it was the end of the road when I went into the woods"
    Either way an inspiring story

  4. I think she tried to commit suicide and then lost circulation throughout her body. She must have found her way out of the situation but still had no circulation in her feet.

  5. I hope she manages to find peace inside & out. She is clearly a survivor & a strong person, I am glad she has decided to help others too.

  6. 'I was at a place in my life where I was doing circus and that was making me really happy but my life outside of that wasn't great.'

    'I walked and I wasn't paying attention to where was going… so I sat down and was just…didn't know what to do.'

    She's indirectly letting us know she was depressed or suffering from something mentally. If she crawled through wet, surely her knees and hands should be frost bitten too, let alone from lying down for 6 days?? Doesn't add up.

    I wish she gave more details about what actually happened. I hope she's found happiness now xxx

  7. Does she or did she used to work at aeros trampoline because I live near Kingston and I go to the trampoline place I just said because I saw I fake leg under the trampoline and it was plastic and fake like a gory Halloween costume and I asked what it was and the girl said my friend lost both of her legs to frost bite and she said once in a while her friend would wear the fake leg 🦵

  8. It doesn’t sound like this story is completely real. Like.. yes, maybe she went for a walk in the woods, but I think it’s for a different reason. She went missing 2 times in less than a year.. if I’m correct, I think this was a suicide attempt. And 6 days? She would lose more than her legs..

  9. it took them 6 days to find her? the mother didn't even worry after not hearing from her girl for that long?? what is going on?

  10. Omg I do circus too!! I do aerial!! I've been doing it for almost 2 years and I absolutely love it. You're such an inspiration.

  11. After watching this for 2 minutes, I had the feeling that something essential in her story was missing. Reading the comments shows me that other viewers share that feeling. No one just walks in the woods without realizing that both their legs are freezing off. This seems like a suicide attempt to me that is quite obvious, but no one dares to talk about.

  12. This was sadly an attempted suicide, she thought dying of hypothermia would be quicker and easier than it was. This story reminds me of the guy in the Romanian frozen wilderness who crawled 7 miles to the highway with a broken pelvis and femur.

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