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Out With The Old & In With The New | ItsJustKelli

Oh my goodness was it a busy week!
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Hi! My name is Kelli and I am a lifestyle vlogger who shares basically everything about her life. I have enjoyed being on YouTube and building the strong supportive community that I have, and I would love for you to join! So if you like ridiculousness, beauty products, kids, my dog, fitness, sometimes laziness, and just plain ol’ normal real people, hit that subscribe button and join my YouTube family, I’d be happy to have you 🙂 Check out below if you’d like to see how to find me in more places too!

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45 thoughts on “Out With The Old & In With The New | ItsJustKelli

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 he was like i was gonna say something dirty. Im friggin DEAD!!! and kelli moves right along like ok anyway the shower

  2. That Cher impersonation lol. Not too bad. Believe is one of my go-to karaoke songs too. I like to channel Cher too, hahaha.
    I love these vlogs. I'm bookmarking them all for inspiration. I so envy that you're able to do all this. I feel so overwhelmed just thinking of doing my home…. ugh.

  3. I laughed so hard at the tension rod bit! I have tried to do a two person job by myself so many times and the internal monologue is very familiar!

  4. Yay for remodels! I know it's not fun during but I love seeing homes change and become more usable that's why I became an interior designer . It's fun to see the new stuff in your home ! Thanks for sharing it with us! I can relate to the sick of feeding the munchkins and not pooping in peace #momlife

  5. KELLI , I JUST LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!! Thank you for sharing with us also moments of difficulty, reminding us that it's okay and normal, and that bad moments are only moments, it's part of everyones life. So thank you for being who you are <3 Talented, loving & loved, bit OCD, sweet and human !

  6. Omg that nugget is so cool. Man wish that was around when my sis and I were kids. We never liked sitting on the couches either we were always on the floor.

  7. It's so funny to see plants outside and talking about the pool this weekend.. we have almost 20 inches of snow on the ground!!

  8. That is a great idea with the shower rod to use the inner bar for bathing suits. Also, I would LOVE a tub like that with the shelf space. Our tub has very little space and the shelves it does have are small and slanted so stuff falls off. It drives me crazy. The other things you can buy to use in the shower won't work in our shower. Let me know how you like this tub and the shelving.

  9. hi
    i wanted to know about menstrual cup.
    i bought Si-bell large.
    but every time i walk or even move it started leaking i can't understand why. Bcos i wear it properly but even then it leaks before it is full.
    i m frustrated
    plz help….

  10. I LOVE THESE LONG VLOGS, I bet they take sooo much longer to put together but I love this content, love getting a look into your life, thank you for sharing, I hope you do more of these 🥰🥰 love you and your family

  11. This is the most entertaining good ever 😄… You need to try installing more shower curtain rods haha … You handled that way better than I would, I'd be cussing lol… The backyard is beautiful, I'm jelly! Love getting to see the daily life, you always inspire me.

  12. I’m dying laughing because I bought that exact shower rod and after the half an hour it took to put it together I almost returned it thinking it was too long. 😂😂😂😂

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