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LOW PROFILE helmet bluetooth option!! | Icon RAU communicator review

Icon RAU Communicator:
I was caught off guard when I saw Icon come out with a Bluetooth communicator so I knew I had to check one out for you guys and let you know what I thought about it.
Icon RAU Communicator:
C2W Website —
#ridepositive :
Where I get all my gear from —
Helmet —
Bluetooth —
Jacket —
Gloves —
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44 thoughts on “LOW PROFILE helmet bluetooth option!! | Icon RAU communicator review

  1. So who knew that Icon is making Bluetooth devices now? I sure didn't. You guys can check it out here:

    PS: Keep it between us, but here's how I made my Airflite helmet look so cool.

  2. You guys are awesome and fun to watch! Keep making that content, I enjoy every minute of it. I did get the Icon Airflite helmet based on your review and it is AMAZEBALLS!!! Thank you for making a great channel.

  3. Stupid question but how do you record the conversation from Sena ? Because i have a motovlog here in Bulgaria and I'm using GoproHero 7 with mic adapter and purple panda mic and i will bye one Icon RAU soon … So i was wandering how to make dual vlogs like this one ? Could you give me a hint ?

  4. I would suggest the 10r from sena over this
    For as low as $200 even you can get the 10r. And you get what you pay for.
    10r is half as thick and comes with Velcro mount strips so you can swap helmets. Better speaker quality too.

  5. Was planning on getting those $45 cheap ebay communicators which you can't beat for the price but ended up getting the $500 Cardo PackTalk duo pack. Hurts to look at my bank balance but hope the features make it worth it.

  6. I have multiple helmets. It’s only $30 for the Sena attachment with new speakers. So I can swap my Sena unit itself between helmets. That’s my favorite part. Street helmet or dirt helmet for the Sumo I can swap Sena. When it’s perma fixed I’m stuck to one helmet

  7. what camera does Bryan have on his bike? it looks different then your normal…….can't think of words at the moment…. picture I guess..

  8. If youre interested, I can instruct you on how to do a simple mod to make it detachable and magnetic for charging purposes.

  9. Chase why is yummyir6 leaving you you and him will never ride bikes 🏍 and never have fun together anymore
    NOOOO. Sorry I’m just kinda mad at yummyir6

  10. i'd love to see a trio review! Chase, Brian and Luke… first ride reviews with all three opinions riding around together changing bikes with 3-way intercoms would be ace. especially up in the mountains and stuff. 3 sets of opinions on different types of riders would go further too.

  11. I love Icon – their Airframe Pro designs are awesome – but the partnership with Sena doesn't seem like the way to go nowadays. I've owned Sena and Cardo products and the Cardo Packtalk Slim is the best communication system currently available (better than the Packtalk Bold and the Freecom 2 and a lot better than the Sena 20S and 30K). I'm actually posting a comparison video in about a week or so.

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