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Wimbledon 2019 – Federer VS Djokovic Final Thoughts | CBT Podcast

44 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2019 – Federer VS Djokovic Final Thoughts | CBT Podcast

  1. please release your thoughts on the post match analysis, just a tennis fan who wanna hear different views and perspectives. Despite the obvious bias for roger, you're really spot on at a few things here, roger's serves were impeccable and novak was clearly not used to that level throughout the match, and the reason why roger lost was indeed that he didn't outperform djokovic at the crucial moments in the 5th, and yes i was marveled at how fed was hanging in there during the 5th when it's pass 4 hrs

  2. Hi Matt!!. I could not even come online just so I could avoid reading negative comments or watching anything that reminded me of the finals. I don't know about u guys but I was totally drained. No emotions left. I think about those two match points every now and then I can't imagine how Roger feels. My goodness!! I really hope he recovers from this cos it could turn out bad. Don't u guys think this could cause him to play badly for the remainder of the year or even an early retirement? This was really a painful loss. We just needed one Ace. Just one freaking ace. 😭😭😭😭😭. I don't believe anymore. Am tired of believing. I ve never been so drained. I don't ever want to feel like this again Especially after any Roger's matches. No more attachments I can't take it anymore. Am like y did he have to beat Rafa then this happened?! Why?! So unfair. Congrats to Novak though.

  3. 11 unforced errors versus 0 between Roger & Novak in all the 3 tiebreaks…..that is the worst stat I have seen in the history of tennis and he gifted it to the Djoker but the better player was surely Roger today but he could not close it out and he needs to fix that mental issue asap as he still has another 2 majors left in him….i promise you all this! 🙂

  4. have you recovered Matt? i know it may take a while, seeing Roger playing the better match and still loosing in that epic, Doker winning nothing except the important points, that must hurt. but hey, tennis is a game, nothing more and nothing less. and we did get an epic game. me, i am a Rafa fan, but i didn't feel let down when he lost to Roger in a semies. i enjoyed it because it was a good game, even if Rafa didn't play as he did prior to the semies, and credit to Roger for that, because he didn't let him play the way he would want, but still…. great tennis. another point i want to make: look at the statistics of the final and it shows you, that Roger should have won. he was better player in all (almost) numbers you can qualify. the beauty of the, it is not about the numbers. it is about opponent vs opponent in particular day in particular situations. and there the numbers can be quite deceiving. you asked me once, what do i have against the stats. this match is your answer. they simply can not capture the whole picture. stats are cold and dead revealing a lot in the right context though, but the tennis match is hot, and alive if we are lucky and even though i was very much rooting for Roger in this one, Im happy that we've got a match we've got. and why? because tennis game was a winner!!!

  5. Enjoy the show Matt. Been a Fedfan since US Open 2006 before that I didn’t even watch tennis. I was just amazed by his game and demeanor and I haven’t missed many of his matches since. Anyways, although Federer is the most successful player ever, he has suffered more heart breaking losses than any player, and yesterday was the toughest yet. It was worse than the following crushing losses US Open 2009 final, 2010 and 2011 semis of the US Open, Aussie 2009, US Open 2015, Wimbledon 2014 and even Wimbledon 2008.
    It wouldn’t have been so depressing had Djokovic been the better player. Federer for most of the match was the better player. It was just that the important moments Djokovic was a rock and Federer wobbled. I would have preferred no tie break in the 5th because for some reason Djokovic simply would not miss in the tie break and Federer’s level dropped in all three tie breaks. In fact I was pretty confident Federer was going to lose the 5th set breaker.
    Djokovic deserves all the credit. He is the strongest mentally of the big three. He wasn’t in his early years mentally tough but he has turned that around just as he has turned around the head to head against Federer and Nadal. The guy’s ability to step it up in the clutch is unparalleled. In the three tie breaks. He made 0 unforced errors. Federer made 11. On the bright side, Federer shows he has the game and the stamina to win a major. Oh and he showed mental fortitude in the match as well. Remember Djokovic was up 4 to 2 in the 5th. Plus Federer has to serve second the whole 5th set. Anyways it still hurts but you have to remind yourself the guy has won 20 majors and his game is still fantastic. He will have his chances again. God I wish it was the US Open already. Hope they speed up the courts there!

  6. I want Djokovic and Nadal to both pass Federer's number of majors just so that people can stop talking about total number of majors for determining the GOAT with these guys. These guys are all so close, you can make an argument for any of them, a major here or there doesn't matter that much. My guess is very few of the Federer fans would relinquish the title of GOAT if he gets passed, so we can finally move on from that point of the debate. It's also unfair to compare total number of majors for a guy who is 5 years older and won 3 of those majors at an age Nadal and Djokovic haven't reached yet.

  7. Still coming too. Dejoker is still young and strong. Roger played his heart out. WhTs up with Dejok parks holding onto to her cross.wierd ppl.was great to watch
    Only zdejokers match to loose

  8. I guess federer losing this match will ironically benefit his hunger for slams will increase …it would motivate him to play at his highest level..

  9. Really spot on analysis (coming from a Nole fan)

    Federer played a better match tennis-wise, just that Nole was ultra clutch and played better when it mattered the most

  10. Overall in three matches at Wimbledon, Roger has won 10 more points than Djokovic. +12 in '12, -6 in '14, -10 in '15, and +14 in '19.

  11. I feel your pain Matt but let’s call that what it was: a choke. It’s understandable at Roger’s age but it’s hardly without precedent… Djokovic and Nadal are closing on him. Novak has now won as many slams this decade as Roger in the ‘00s.

  12. Federer lost today. At first I was crushed. I could barely fall asleep as I was replaying the passing shot at MP 40-30. I never actually felt like crying when Federer lost until today.

    I hedged my emotions and won $200 by betting on djokovic but the money felt hollow and worthless, even as I stuffed my face with McDonald's afterwards.

    And then I slowly began to realise there is a silver lining in this. I realised I was judging Federer even harsher than I would judge myself. He did his absolute best and he should, and we as fed fans should all hold our heads high. He came across a better opponent (maybe not at tennis but certainly mentally, but that doesn't matter) and lost.

    Even though I am slowly conceding Federer as the goat after seeing how much stronger djokovic is today, mentally speaking.

    But I have less regrets now (not zero of course!). I am proud of Federer because I would have been proud if I was playing and gave my best.

    Saying all this, this loss still hurts but we Matt, Time will heal our wounds!

  13. Pretty slow to publish a post-match video. Are you sitting in your room crying? Hahahahahahahahahaha oh my there is nothing sweeter than shutting up Federror fans. Novak is a true warrior! Wish I could say the same for your idol, but alas, he's a salty choker.

  14. Always had this deep down feeling that Fed’s often inabilities to be clutch in the most crucial moments would come and haunt him. He’s been clutch in the past but he certainly struggles in this area more than the other 2. Still the goat though.

  15. Do not treat French open as if one french open is good enough. It is definitely more prestigious and has more history than Australian open and on par to US open.

  16. Look Matt, this match in a sense says it all. Even though some people may pass Roger in many counts, including slams, can they really pass? Roger won this. No, not in his GS count. But please, more than just in our hearts. Novak was hanging on by the skin of his teeth, for dear life, clutching the ride and dipped his head up at the right moment. To do that, Novak had to be great. But seriously, this wasn't even a draw, much less a Roger loss. We just saw how tennis, with its rules, can get it wrong in the end. But that's ok, because we know. We know. We don't discount Novak as a champion – he is great, and will be greater still. Many sports have had these moments: France losing to Italy in the World Cup soccer when Zidane was red-carded for reacting to a planned racist remark. Merckx losing his sixth Tour in cycling because he was too aggressive, too daring. Multiple boxing matches that went on points to the wrong winner. This was an epic tennis count failure. But it's ok. 98% of the tennis count system gets it right. This one – didn't. What's important is – we remember.

  17. Sorry Mat, it was close this time. I would wish you a better luck next time, but, as a Nole fan, that wouldn't be sincere, cause they could easily play finals at US Open again. It was a nerve breaking experience with a happy end, at least for me.

  18. I don’t know if it ever happened before that a tennis player (in men’s grand slams) has 4 more breaks than his opponent, and still lost the match.

  19. Clutchest performance I’ve ever seen by Novak. That mental strength was otherworldly. Fed played well though so props to him. It must sting to have 2 championship points and not capitalise on that. What an awesome match

  20. joker Dominator
    Unbelievable match. I respect Fed tremendously, but as i said yesterday, Djokovic will yet again shut down the Rich Aristocrats biased crowd yet again! The Serbian warrior with Zen like focus. This is now 3rd time Federer has choked away 2 match points against Djoker. First time Semis of US open serving 40-15 he failed then snd 2011 US open same scenario and he failed now. If Federer was a true GOAT he would never he could never choke away this victory. Djokovic is now 4-0 in GS finals against Federer in last 5 years. If Fed is GOAT then Djokovic is GOAT Slayer!! ( Djokovic admited in press conference in Serbian that his level of play was at only about 70% and that his 1st serve deserted him today but that he played great at biggest points, he also said Federer served the best he ever played against him have super hard time reading his serve but nevertheless he still won thats called greatness when you win not playing your best)

  21. I wonder if Mr. Wimbledon will re-think the tiebreak at 12-all for the final matches now. It makes sense to have this rule to preserve players until the final, but having to break in the fifth set is a more compelling way to decide who gets the title, as the case would have been today under the old system.

  22. Just one thing. You spelled commentator's course by mentioning those two US Open matches with match points. You are a good prophet.

  23. Again you are talking about the serve. It doesn't matter. Isners, Andersons, etc are not the greatest players. The most important thing is nerves at crucial points and DJOKOVIC has it especially against Federer.

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