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Animal Flow for Beginners, Part 1: Start moving like an animal and connect with your inner beastmode

Let’s unleash the Beast with Animal Flow, an innovation fitness program that is completely bodyweight & grounds-based. It features animal-style movements that encourage core stability and strength, joint strength, and body awareness — all without any fitness equipment.

Animal Flow develops mobility as well as power, muscular endurance and strength. It will challenge your body through multiple planes of movement and have you moving in ways you’ve probably never moved before.

Follow along as I take you through the basics of Animal Flow. In this video, I will show you the ABC’s of Animal Flow to get you moving like an animal and reconnecting with your inner beast mode.

A= Ape
B= Beast
C= Crab

These are your foundational movements and is the key to building a flow. After we nail the static forms, we begin traveling. Animal locomotion is a crazy total body workout that will activate your entire body. Once you get comfortable travelling, we go into the Underswitch: the transition from crab to beast and vice versa.

Make sure you subscribe as we build our flow. In part 2 we are leveling up with the underswitch:

Thank you so much for watching! I’m Mya and I was just a girl that always wanted to be a ninja. I was never an athlete nor was I in sports. So I began to teach myself all ninja wannabe things. Now I want to teach you how you can be more ninja in your life; how to win at life, how to live life like a WINJA!



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Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6i
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45 thoughts on “Animal Flow for Beginners, Part 1: Start moving like an animal and connect with your inner beastmode

  1. Hello my sexy Beasts! How are you guys doing with part 1? Make sure you warm up your wrists thoroughly before practicing and don't forget to activate by performing the limb lifts. That alone will have you lit up! Once you are comfortable with the static and travelling forms, try the underswitch. We are levelling up! Check out part 2 here:

  2. Because of you I did the underswitch! I'm so happy. Thank you! I know I mentioned this in another video, but I still can't believe I did it. I've only been practicing a few weeks, not a full month yet. 🌻

    May I ask, what do you think is the quickest way to get the ankle stretch/mobility in the back of the heel and up? I want to do the ape (especially the traveling ape), but since I broke my ankle a few years ago, it has been hard to maintain the stretch there. And I'm afraid of hurting myself. I've seen other flexibility work and stretches, but they seem to be overly complicated. You have a tendency of doing simple stretches and mobility work — things I've never seen before or things I've overlooked. Thank you so much for your content! 😁💖

  3. Thank you very much for these instructions!!! I have been long trying to find some beginners movements and this is great for me!! I hope you keep it up with the videos!!! Thanks!!!

  4. how long did you do it to make it feel more like in flow? I can only bend one knee 60-70% due to injury thus ape is difficult because I cannot do deep squat. Is it still ok?

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