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[REVIEW] 2019 Nerf ICON Stampede ECS-50, Unboxing, Firing Test, Internals & Review

This is my 4K unboxing and review of the new 2019 Nerf ICON Stampede ECS-50! This is a re-issue of the original 2010 Nerf Stampede ECS. In the United States, this blaster is a Target Exclusive and comes at a cost of $69.99.
The 2019 version has minor differences VS the original release including a slightly higher firing rate, higher average FPS and greater dart velocity. Included is 2 18 round magazines and 36 special edition “Icon” Elite Nerf Darts. The original 2010 Mono-pod has been eliminated.
The blaster takes 6-D Batteries, which are not included.
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32 thoughts on “[REVIEW] 2019 Nerf ICON Stampede ECS-50, Unboxing, Firing Test, Internals & Review

  1. RAGGLE FRAGGLE imma mod my old stampede cuz i can now that i know, HOW to without breaking it. AAANNNNDDD a good outro for you would be like "bye everyone and ill see you, on the feild"

  2. I have the ORIGINAL stampede and it still is a good blaster for just plinking I still love it is the first full auto rifle from nerf

  3. I really hope the third blaster is the Vulcan EBF 25 sees back of box for stampede and doesn’t see the Vulcan EBF 25 ok this is bull crap the Vulcan was a iconic blaster NERF

  4. The Vulcan should be re released it’s an iconic and one of the only belt fed nerf guns
    Plus it’s the only realistic LMG nerf gun that I know of

    Stampede though looks like an assault rifle similar to the rapidstrike/statohawk

  5. This should really be hitting the Elite "par" of 70 FPS consistently for that ridiculous price point, but better than no improvements. Unless the original is just shooting softer due to being older.

  6. Will it become available on Amazon later on cuz I'm in Europe and Target doesn't shop there sigh (crying) cuz I rly want stampede it's my fav electric blaster cuz no rev time and not noisy as flywheels blasters

    Also I have a rapidstrike but I don't use it anymore cuz I lost a screw lol and it's noisy but also cuz I'm about to switch to rival blasters cuz better lol and I'm getting older

  7. My son just watched this and said, "Dad you need to enter this contest." I told him "If I win, it's mine, I need it to protect myself from you and your NERF arsenal."

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