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Messiah of Evil | 1973 Horror | Michael Greer

16 thoughts on “Messiah of Evil | 1973 Horror | Michael Greer

  1. Great movie! Love these old drive in classics. The low budget independent films of the ,60s and 70s are a 100 times better than the garbage that comes out of Hollywood today. Thanks for your upload .

  2. Lotsa semi-names in this one. I remember Marianna Hill from the Star Trek episode "Dagger of the Mind" featuring a fierce scene in which she kills a guy by kicking 'im into a power grid. And what's a low budget horror flick without Elisha Cook Jr.? Thanks for posting !

  3. 7:45 you find 2 dead guys in a truck and you go back to work? I love these old horrors! But that made no sense what so ever! And it cost him his life!

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