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SELF CARE VLOG: nails, massage, healthy meals, etc

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hey loves! in this vlog, I am sharing what I do to take care of myself/when I need to focus on myself. don’t forget to subscribe! let’s get to 20,000 subs! (there might be a little giveaway once we hit this milestone!!!;)

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how old are you? ~ I’m 19
do you go to school? ~ yes! I’m a sophomore at DePauw University + I’m a Comm Major
what do you use to edit? ~ final cut pro
what camera do you use? ~ canon g7x & canon 77d

Hey friends! I’m Lily and welcome to my channel! I post lifestyle, makeup, fashion, fitness, and beauty videos (almost) every single day! I believe in positivity, encouraging each other, and starting every day with a good cup of coffee 🙂 subscribe to join the ~lil~ family!

keywords: self care vlog, self care routine, yoga, food combining, healthy meals, what i eat in a day, self care morning and night routines, back to school self care 🙂

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16 thoughts on “SELF CARE VLOG: nails, massage, healthy meals, etc

  1. Self care is so important, good for you for looking after yourself. The advice that your yoga teacher gave was very good.
    Great video

  2. I bought the Clinique acne solution set two weeks ago, at first I did break out and I still am, but I can see my skin getting better! These products are the best I have ever used

  3. in a video can you talk about what changes you’ve seen in your body since starting food combining or how much of a difference it’s made compared to when you weren’t? i’m just curious!

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