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Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic preview: 'Federer the rank underdog' – Darren Cahill | Wimbledon

John McEnroe, Darren Cahill and Patrick McEnroe look ahead to the 2019 Wimbledon men’s final with Cahill picking Roger Federer for a ninth Wimbledon title despite being the “rank underdog.” Both McEnroe brothers however expect Novak Djokovic to win in three or four sets.
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29 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic preview: 'Federer the rank underdog' – Darren Cahill | Wimbledon

  1. These two better not receive any flak from anyone because both of them went all out against each other. Then they treated each other with such sportsmanship and respect after going at it for so long. I think that was really cool. And all of these Wimbledon athletes women and men deserve so much respect. What a blessing it was to watch this. Thank you God.

  2. With this game Djokovic make history in an aera of the top three player of all time (Nadal, Federer and Djokovic)!!! Sorry but Djokovic is FOR ME in such an aera the greatest player of all time!!!
    This man have everything!!!

  3. Thrilled Novak one . Only spoiled by the crowd wildly applauding every time he lost a point. Disgraceful behaviour they should be ashamed. But never mind the champion one a great player and lovely guy. Respect

  4. Aaaaa… U can only hate No_1 player in white sport made by Serbia Novak Đoković… Congrate to legend Roger Federer and greetengs for all funs of Novak and white sport and GS Wimbledon from Belgrade – Serbia!!!

  5. We don’t even have to make predictions about who will be the Wimbledon champion of 2019…

    SO OBVIOUS!!!!!!


    Djokovic will DEFINITELY win against Federer!! This is NO CHANCE for Roger!!!!

    Djokovic will DESTROY Federer in the finals! I don’t know why the heck some people believe that Federer would win!!


  6. McEnroe Brothers are Useless !! They usually have no idea what they're talking about !! They should just retire and watch tennis on TV !!

  7. What these so called tennis greats do not account is the fact that yesterday Federer had better of the exvanges from the base line against Nadal. Djoko will have to face much improved Federer than the one he defeated earlier in Wimbledon. Federer will win the title in four sets.

  8. I don't care who wins I just wish for a good effort from both players. Like the Fed and Nadal match before. I'm just glad it was a good match. Although I was dissapointed in Nadal he didn't do any scissor shots and underplayed imo. But that's Fed for you. When he's in The Zone he makes everyone look silly. Win or lose Fed will always be a GOAT. Same with Joker and Rafa. Who's the greatest doesn't matter. It's like chosing between a fine wine, whisky or port. A great IPA, lager or stout. A Ferrari, Lambo or Bugatti. I'm just so grateful we're living in the best era where we have The Three Goats. These guys are unbeatable.

  9. Come on get real it's very very hard to beat rafa and novak back to back
    that is why novak is the favourite here these guys know what they're saying

  10. According to the oddsmakers I'm very likely going to own a TV with a big shoe hole in it by Sunday afternoon. but I believe Fed can do this if he wins the first set, keeps his 1st serve % higher than 70 (crucial) and converts break point chances.

  11. Remember though, novak hasn’t faced a top 20 player this tournament and has dropped a set in the occasional match, provided that roger doesn’t hit too many unforced errors and stays consistent if he can take the first set, the match is his

  12. Was surprised to read a line in a BBC article – "Federer has this record equalling chance…."
    I was like what! does he not have the most Wimbledon titles already?
    Upon further reading, it said he would equal Navratilova's 9 Wimbledon titles.
    I dont know what's wrong with this society- for equality and all, they would compare anything. In tennis – comparing men's achievement vs women's is like comparing banana with mangoes :-/

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