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Benefits of TAI CHI and YOGA | Change Podcast

There are many mental and physical benefits of tai and yoga, and in this episode, the BETV team discuss how both have helped them sleep better, reduce stress, become stronger physically, and more.

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Brain Education TV is a self improvement channel for the brain with videos on how to practice self care and boost your brain power. The foundation of our content comes from Brain Education, an academic study from South Korea that stems from over 40 years of research and application and has been practiced by millions around the world.

Brain Education changed our lives for the better. We both got involved with Brain Education because our moms practiced it first and we saw how much of a positive influence it had on them physically, emotionally, and mentally. So after trying it for ourselves, we were hooked and had to share it with the world! What we love most about Brain Education are the easy self care and self improvement techniques that have helped us expand our brain power to become the women we want to be. We credit Brain Education for giving us the courage to confidently live our dreams and create the lives we want..and now you can too!

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8 thoughts on “Benefits of TAI CHI and YOGA | Change Podcast

  1. Some years ago I studied with a great Tai Chi Grandmaster. He would always say "Tai Chi makes your bones heavier". It sounded a bit odd but then he would hold out his arm and have you feel the weight of his arm. It was shocking how heavy his arm was, he was in his upper 70s and didn't have a lot of bulky muscles or anything like that. So the conclusion is his bones must have been like iron. I had previously studied some Kung Fu and done a lot of sports, there was no trickery involved. Some years later science had proven that weight bearing exercises increased bone density. I realized this is what he meant by saying Tai Chi makes your bones heavier, same thing as increasing bone density. Of course Tai Chi masters knew this hundreds of years before science recognized it! By moving slowly Tai Chi has a similar effect as weight bearing exercises. That plus so many other benefits. Tai Chi rocks!

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