2019 MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15 OLED – Video Editing Champ?

2019 7590 XPS 15 vs i9 MacBook Pro – Video Editing Comparison Premiere, Resolve, FCX!
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48 thoughts on “2019 MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15 OLED – Video Editing Champ?”

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  2. Max, do you encounters issues with apple T2 chip with constant freezes,crashes,reboots. Keyboard failures on apple macs???? Why there isn't any reports on that????

  3. Swapnil Bhartiya

    I totally moved to MacBook Pro + FCPX. I am a tech journalist and I shoot interviews with 3 cameras in 4K 30FPS, vLog. Premiere just can't do a graceful job even on the maxed out XPS / Windows machines. Plus every effect has to be rendered to be playable. But on FCPX with latest 6 core MacBook Pro. I can slice through 4K UHD 'multi-cam' videos with color correction, LUT and tonnes of effect without any issue. I got 'invisible' stand for MacBook Pro for better heat and I am getting 'almost' the same experience as on maxed out iMac Pro. Sorry, but Windows / Premiere will not cut it.

  4. I've had some terrible experiences with Dell in the past but I've been pretty happy with my XPS-15 for the two years I've had it – it does surprisingly well with video editing. I can work with 4k h.264 clips without proxies pretty well. ProRes footage has buttery smooth playback. Couldn't handle RED 8k footage though :). The only thing that I think the Macbook Pro has going for it is the multiple usb-c ports. Over time, I find myself needing usb-c ports more and more for high-speed data transfer.

  5. Great video, but one thing. A graphics card can NOT bottleneck a cpu. Only a cpu can bottleneck a graphics card. You need to see the cpu like a high way for data. And the gpu data as cars that go over the highway. It's a good thing that the cpu is on 30 percent when the GPU is on 100 percent. That means only 30 percent of the highway is full of cars. And there is still plenty of power left to run the system

  6. Windows laptop will never be optimized at the same level as what Apple did on Macbook+MacOs, so why buy XPS when you can have something much more powerful like the AERO 15 with RTX card to do video editing. That will be a fair comparison.

  7. Very well put together video!! I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 that I am typing on right now, it throttles a lot but I love the performance when it doesn't. Could you make a video or recommend a cooling pad for laptops in general? I think it would be a very beneficial video!

  8. I have the Dell XPS i9 (I opted not to get OLED) I've been very pleased with performance. I use a cooling pad whenever I edit and the laptop never overheats or throttles, full res perfect playback always.

  9. I never use laptop keyboards or mice or laptop speakers.Buying your own is better in every case (and cheap). The thermal throttling can be fixed so ill take the Dell

  10. This is a trick, everyone knows not to buy an i9 in an XPS. An XPS 13 with egpu beats an Macbook everytime. This guy is either dumb or being paid. XPS 15 with lower specs is better in everyway idk what this guy is doing

  11. abhi digital media

    Bro c200 raw 1min or 5min project on video you wrote 1min c200 raw 2019mbp 14.35 on anthor video 5min c200raw 2019mbp 14.35
    On 2 videos you are showing 2types same answer

  12. A macbook pro and a razer blade 15 would be a better comparison in terms of price. Configured with an RTX 2080 or 2070 maxq the razer should perform very well. Also this performance difference comes down to software updates Adobe premier performance will change with future updates.

  13. This is soooo biased..
    Even trying to downvote the OLED panel by accuracy, while colors ALWAYS shift on IPS panels if you put the brightness to the max. Everything looks paler compared to 3-4 steps lower brightness.
    The dell has a way better screen and no defective keyboard by design, but we should be happy that a 3500$ laptop is beating a 2000$ laptop with 5-10% faster cpu performance…

    Glad i moved on to a Dell XPS 15 OLED from my retina macbook 2016. No regrets!

  14. Max, good findings. It’s all about optimizations, right? Speaking about optimizations you’ve optimized your video skills. I was blown away where you are from, and where you came from. Well, done sir. Respect!

  15. 01:19 Benchmarks
    01:54 Stabilization
    02:11 4k H264
    03:49 8bit HEVC
    04:35 10bit HDR
    05:07 4K60 RAW
    07:14 RED R3D RAW
    07:52 Performance Tips
    08:55 GPU Issues
    09:48 Pro & Cons
    10:26 OLED for Editing
    11:16 Prices
    11:43 Buy This XPS

  16. It would be nice if you could review the gigabyte aero 15 oled. It has a 9750h with 1660ti, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, pantone certified oled display for 1899 dollars.

  17. Just curious how they do perform with an egpu. Thin laptops needs external gpus to extend their longevity. Try Blender 2.8 on both machines as an alternative for your tests.

  18. Max, I’m curious about your render settings in Resolve. Is it Resolve Free or Studio? Did you use hardware accelerated encoding (quicksync or NVIDIA nvenc)?

  19. Vidyas by The Hawkman

    The only issue with comparing these is the fact that you can only use FCPX on the MBPro. I love FCPX and I can't imagine relearning ways to do things (shortcuts, etc.) when my work is paying for the system. And I'm into saving money for my company.

    Honestly, though, I think there's no comparing the two systems. Obviously you're gonna go cheaper if buying for yourself.

    Oh, and I'm not Apple fanboy. I switched my phones over after the iPhone 6+ and now that I've used the Huawei P20 Pro…I'm never going with anything else.

  20. Max, do you think we will see a graphics refresh to the 15" MBPs at the September event? The Radeon Pro graphics are really old now and the Vega 20 graphics are just way too out of reach for a lot of people.

  21. Stefan Schädel

    FCP is on MAC only. Ore you can tell me ware i buy it for an PC?
    Don't relies thim with Adobe and Davinci Resolve on an Windows based Laptop/PC.
    If you reale compare a MAC or an PC need only Software there is only on both Systems avaible!
    Also no MAC specifikated Software and no Software there is only for MAC..!

  22. I am a Final Cut Pro user. But it's good to see Adobe finally updated Premier to run well on macOS. It's also cool Resolve works so well on macOS.

  23. I guess Nvidia put the GTX 1650 rather than the RTX 2070 because it's less power hungry ?

    One thing that i absolutely love about the Macbook is that you can utilize 100% of it's performance while it's unplugged from the wall. Can the Dell XPS 15 utilize 100% of it's performance while on battery mode ? Same question about the MSI P65/75…


  24. Bastian Störmer

    Hey Max first at all thanks again for a great video!!!! I was wondering if you maybe could serve us your project settings for your tests just so that we get the best out of our macbooks. Would really appreciate 😊 Cheers Bastian

  25. Wow! Apple is getting so far behind and over priced!! I love Apple and could never see myself using windows 10 (I just hate it!), but test like this make it very tempting to switch over.

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