13" vs 15" 2019 MacBook Pro – FULL REVIEW

Review and comparison between the 13″ vs 15″ 2019 MacBook Pro. The 15″ now has a juicy 8-core for the top end spec. Which would you get?

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47 thoughts on “13" vs 15" 2019 MacBook Pro – FULL REVIEW”

  1. Here's my review of the 2019 MacBook Pros! Obvi the 8 core is a juicy one but don't be ridiculous and spec it with 4TB of space. Do any of you think we will still see a 16" MacBook Pro drop at WWDC? Will be out there in San Jose and bring you coverage as the news hits so stay posted to your inboxes!

  2. Mac books are amazing.. I have loved the mac I first bought and havent looked back.. take a look at this amazing product and give it a review https://amzn.to/2Q80lE7

  3. Bukan Vanessa Angel

    Max Tech recommendations are to pick $2800 MBP 15" — don't upgrade the processor and opt for the highest graphics card possible.

  4. I'm debating either the 13 inch pro with 16 ram and upgrade the SSD to 500 or the 15 inch pro with 250 ssd I can't decide?? Is the i5 on the 13 inch model good enough for music production! Help

  5. I feel like buying an almost specced out macbook is perfect for long time use. Sometimes paying more is worth it if you plan on keeping whatever you bought for a while

  6. For photo editing on Sketchapp & Photoshop, which one's the better deal? 13 inch entry level with 16gig upgrade or 15 inch entry level? I intend to use the machine for at least the next 6 years. Would the 15 inch really be much faster and future proof? Right now, I'm using a 2013 MacBook Air entry level and the apps are not performing well now that my files have become much larger.

  7. Brittany Campbell

    I’ve been going back and forth for the last 3 weeks, I’ll make up my mind like yes I want the 13 then I start thinking of the 15, I don’t know which to get 😂 🤔

  8. We need more people like you. Love this channel, love your personality, you have a rare humbleness surrounding you that is amazing. Thrive.

  9. I'm wondering about the next years Macbook lineup. If they are going to make a new revision of it, what will they include? Intel has no real big upgrade in terms of CPU's so, what really is there to upgrade?

  10. Apple charging multiple times the price for an SSD upgrade, I mean you can get the same 1 TB SSD for a bit over $200, only Apple will charge you $600 for it. Sounds like Apple to me….

  11. I have the 13 inch Pro just because it’s more portable and looks more beautiful than the 15 inch . I edit videos on it and it is amazing !!

  12. I’m not sure which one to get. I want to get into Xcode but want something portable. I’m mostly looking at the 13 inch and then something like a eGPU if I even need that at all.

  13. Does anyone has experience using “Sketch” on 13 inch? I’m wondering if this is comfortable enough especially when most of the panels of sketch are not adjustable and can’t be undocked as well

  14. I just watched a youtuber who bought a macbook, a 13 inch with the 15" Software. She personalized it, and i didnt know that customers can do that hahahha. Already planning to sell my kidney hahahha jk.

  15. I got the mid 2019 MacBook Pro openbox from Best Buy and I love it’s the 15 inch got it 2535.00 450 in savings and it’s sharp big step from my 2010 MacBook Pro won’t need any extra storage on it

  16. I have a 2018 Macbook pro 15" 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 AMD Radeon Pro 560X. It would be a little better if I have new 9th gen intel core i9. You only need to update the memory to 32GB if you are doing video editing and stuff on Adobe and Autodesk etc. Same goes with the storage, however I should have consider myself to get 1TB instead of 512GB because I am a student. Unfortunately, macs are not good at rendering videos or 3d modelling as fast as Windows laptops so you might as well get Dell XPS 15" or a gaming laptop for that task. The only thing that macs win is opening the Adobe Photoshop faster than Windows, slim design and 'love it or hate it' touch bar. The reason why I got MBP is because my course tutor recommended it and also the course uses Adobe Photoshop and imovie etc.

  17. I know I will never get the 15inch MacBook Pro. Probably getting. an iMac in November. This is a good alternative though. It's just the price.

  18. You are basically saying that only Apple software will run well on Apple hardware. Where do you get this from? And where is the "full review" that the title suggests? You are just going on about price differences. This is the most generic review I have ever seen.

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